The PC Motherboard is the main and most important component of any PC build. Every component, be it the processor (CPU), the graphics card (GPU), the storage, even all peripherals, is connected through the computer motherboard, either directly or indirectly through I/O ports. 

It’s differentiated based on several factors, such as the size of the motherboard, socket type, RAM slots, supported frequency, VRMs, I/O ports, etc. The sizes from small to large are, M-ITX (Mini ITX), Micro-ATX(M-ATX), ATX, E-ATX(Extended-ATX). 

Needless to say, you need different-sized PC Cases (Cabinets) for different-sized motherboards. Another very important factor to keep in mind while getting a board is the socket. Different sockets are made for different processors. So, if you get the wrong socket mobo (motherboard), you won’t be able to use your processor. Choose the right motherboard with TLG today

Motherboards come at various price ranges with different sizes and different sets of features in them. It can have a different number of RAM slots, different RAM frequencies, different quality of VRMs, different NVME Slots, etc. 

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Detailed Information about Motherboards

How are motherboards characterized?

Motherboards are always characterized by their form-factor, chipset, type of processor socket, and their form factor as the main characters.

The following are the most important parameters for Motherboard selection. 

•    CPU and CPU socket.

•    RAM, DRAM, and RAM slots.

•   Connector for Power supply.

•   IDE Connectors

•   Northbridge and southbridge.

•   PCE Slot/Slots

•     CMOS Backup Battery

•     Integrated connectors for peripherals such as USB, mouse, keyboard, display, audio, Ethernet, WIFI antennas, etc

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Motherboards (FAQ)

Q.1 Types of Chipsets in motherboards

There are 2 types of motherboards, either they are Intel Supportive or AMD chipset-related motherboards.

The type of chipset motherboard is 

1) Z690 supports Intel 12th Gen Series CPU’s

2) H670 supports Intel 12th Gen Series CPU’s

3) B660 supports Intel 12th Gen Series CPU’s

4) H610 supports Intel 12th Gen Series CPU’s

5) Z590 supports Intel 11th Gen Series CPU’s

6) H510 supports Intel 11th Gen Series CPU’s

7) B560 supports Intel 11th Gen Series CPU’s

8) X570 supports AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPU’s

9) B550 supports AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPU’s

10) A520 supports AMD Ryzen 3000 and 5000 series CPU’s

11) B450 supports AMD Ryzen 3000 series CPU’s

Q.2 How many types of Sockets are available?

AMD Sockets are AMD AM4, TR4 Socket, AMD sTRX4.

The Intel Sockets are LGA 2066, LGA 1200, LGA 1151, LGA 1700.

Q.3 What are the pricing of these motherboards?

Pc motherboards cost or any computer motherboard price in India starts from a few thousand rupees to tens of thousands, it all relies upon the brand, the features, the socket, and chipsets, etc.

For the most part, Intel and AMD motherboard prices are very similar, the low segment chipsets have lower pricing, and the ones with higher chipsets have more cost. The more the features the higher the cost is.

The prices can be very low and can also be very high depending on requirements, in the end, the price depends on features that are offered by the motherboard.

Q.4 Which is the Best Motherboard for Gaming?

The Best of motherboards will be the premium gaming motherboard series offered by brands, which have a good quality of all the components used by the brand to make it the best motherboard, it would have high overclocking capabilities, fast connectivity, best PCB design, More M.2 slots, and a top-level heatsink would be the best motherboard.

Q.5 How to choose your motherboard?

For Example, if you have a specific budget, and you have found out all motherboards in that price range, please see it’s compatible with your build and if it checks out all the boxes by visiting the manufacturer’s page for all specifications of that board also via checking the reviews posted on good platforms such as Reddit, YouTube, etc.

Q.6 What motherboard size are you looking to buy?

The latest generation motherboards are in 3 variants where ATX is the widely used motherboard because it has more headers, slots, and plugs than other variants.

The Micro ATX Variant is 2.4 Inches Shorter usually than full-sized ATX boards, which does usually mean that there will be fewer expansion slots of storage and graphics.

The Mini ITX as the word suggests is used for mini pc builds, but it will only have less space for connectors rams, etc than the ATX variant offers.