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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated On: 12th Day Of July 2021 at 13:19 IST

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Who is Tlg Gaming?

We introduce ourselves as Tlg Gaming India with the official website We are registered under MCA (Ministry Of Corporate Affairs) under LLP Act 2008 with the name TLG GAMING INDIA LLP on the 15th day of January 2018 and registration number AAL-7142.

Where is Tlg Gaming located?

TLG GAMING INDIA LLP is a Gujarat Based Business with its headquarter registered in Adajan, Surat with a primary place of business in Vastrapur, Ahmedabad.

Is Tlg Gaming a legit website?

Yes, TLG GAMING is a legit website. We are Nvidia's Online Authorized GEFORCE Distributors, Zotac Authorized Dealer, Inno3d Authorized Dealer, Gamdias Authorized Dealers, and many others. We are registered with all major national distributors of all major brands that are currently available in India.


Does TLG Gaming offer cash on delivery (COD)?

Yes, TLG GAMING INDIA does process COD for online orders up to 15000 order value. Please note that a charge of 15% of the order value will be deducted incase of refusal after confirmation of cod orders.

What happens when you place an order online?

Once an order is generated, you will be able to see it in your order history, If you click the view you will find various important information such as Payment Details, Order Status, Order Comments, Tracking Id, etc. We will keep you updated with our 3 major order statuses (Payment Accepted, Processing, and Shipped) along with other relevant information such as tracking id.

What happens when you place an order online with the manual method?

Once an order is generated, you will be able to see it in your order history with state Bank Transfer Pending, If will also receive an email regarding payment details where you can make payment for your order via GPay business, UPI, or bank transfer. You need to share a screenshot of payment on after which we will update your order status to Payment Accepted and we will then process your order as usual.

When will I get my product?

Usually, We try our best to dispatch your order within 48 hours (+1 day in case of the weekend). It takes 5-7 working days (except public holidays & Sundays) for the order to get delivered after dispatch. For chairs and other large parcels, it can take 7-14 Working Days. Some highly demanded products such as green soul chairs can take up to 20-30 days and required the customers to call before placing an order.

From where will your product get shipped?

Usually, most of the products are shipped by us only from our Ahmedabad branch. In some cases like gaming chairs, cosmic bytes, and more, the product is shipped by the brands directly to the customers. In either case, we will provide the customer with tracking ID and logistics details to track their orders.


What is the packaging charge and how it is calculated?

The packaging charge is the fixed cost of 25 INR, Which is applicable to some products with the COD payment method. mostly we bear packaging charges for all the orders but have to collect such charge for some items with low price.


What is the convenience fee (Platform Fees/Additional COD Charges) and how it is calculated?

The convenience fee is an additional amount charged for compensating the payment gateway charges of different payment gateways. It varies from 0.5% Up to 5% depending upon the product amount and payment method you choose.

Why the convenience fee is additional and not included in our product cost?

The convenience fee is different for all payment methods and is very high for EMI (Around 3.67%) but is 0% for UPI, GPay, and manual bank transfer. We do not want to burden our customers by standardizing prices. We process debit card payments under 4000 in just 0.5% we don't want customers to pay 4% for that.

Why the convenience fee is non-refundable?

The convenience fee is to compensate service charged by the payment gateways and banks to process your debit cards, credit cards, and wallets. When you placed the order, part of the amount paid by you got deducted for these charges and is not transferred to us. In case of refund processing, the same amount is not available for us to refund hence we cannot return it to our customer even when we want it.

How much is a convenience fee and how can we avoid it?

The convenience fee is well defined below included GST for different payment methods.

1) For Razorpay It's 3.67% (EMI Options)

2) For Cashfree It's 1.75%-2.95% (Credit Card and EMI Options)

3) For Easebuzz It's 0.55% (Under 4000 INR On Debit card & UPI)

4) For Easebuzz It's 1.2% (Over 4000 INR On Debit card & UPI)

5) For PayTM Its 2.36% (Wallet & Net-Banking Option)

6) For GPay Business, UPI, and Bank Transfer Its 0.0% (Manual Method)


You can use a manual method to avoid convenience fees.

Please note these rates will change with time and policies of different payment gateways, we will try our best to update it regularly here but do not make any sort of guarantee regarding the same.


(As per Shipping And Return Policy)

What is important for making warranty and return claims?

The customer must always have capture uncut unboxing video as evidence of the problem and should provide the same while making a claim. Along with that, the customer must keep his invoice safe and should contact us if he didn't find his invoice or have other problems with an invoice such as smudged text within 24 hours of delivery.

What happened if the product seal is broken on delivery?

We never send sealed opened products to our customers unless customers request bios updates or pre-inspection on a phone call. You must record it during the inspection and unboxing video and contact us regarding the same.

What if my product does not work or is dead on arrival?

For manufacturing defects DOA or dead on arrival, You will have to provide the recorded video of the issue along with the unboxing video and your invoice to us. We will contact the brand and provide you with instructions to claim RMA or replacement products. Please note it may take some time during COVID-19 and limited stocks.

What if I received the wrong product?

Usually, we take every precaution to deliver the correct products for each and every order. In the case of human error if you get the wrong products by mistake there several options available to you.


If you wanna keep the product, We will compensate for the price difference if the delivered product is cheaper than your order value. Or you may pay additional charges and get a new invoice for the delivered product.


If you wanna return the product, You need to check the box is sealed and return it to our Ahmedabad office. You can contact us for more information regarding the same. Please note we cannot accept returns if the product seal is broken.

In any case, You need to provide an uncut unboxing video.