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Always record uncut unboxing videos to verify the product's condition on arrival. No claims will be entertained without this unboxing video. You may find the label of this instruction on your delivered product itself. We recommend you keep your packing material safe like bubble wrap and reuse it.

Make sure you record everything while unwrapping your parcel including packaging, product seal, box condition, and product condition.


We understand you may face trouble while ordering or ordering a different product by mistake, This can be resolved within 2 hours of your ordering without any penalty or additional charges. You may request to change, downgrade, or upgrade your product as per your will or you may ask for a refund during this duration only.

Please note, that in case of the refund back to the source or customer's bank account, fees charged by the payment gateway will be deducted from your order amount. In case your cancellation request is received after 2 hours, a nominal convenience fee of 5% will be deducted. Any item with an order value of less than Rs 1000 cannot be canceled once ordered.

Note: Cancellation can't be done after the product is dispatched from our premises.



- No returns are allowed if you don't like the product.

- We are not liable to process any returns or provide any refunds if the parcel is declined or rejected on delivery by the customer.

- Any issue with the product(s) must be reported within 3 working days of delivery via email.

- We will arrange pickup or compensate shipping if the customer gets the wrong product accidentally or the product gets damaged in transit.

- In the case of a Manufacturing Defect/DOA (Dead On Arrival) within 3 days of delivery, the following policies will be applicable.

  • DOA for chairs and graphic cards will be handled by the product's brand and we will assist in the same.
  • Issues Related To Cosmic Byte products & Logitech products will be handled by brand-authorized service centers themselves as per the brand's guidelines.
  • DOA for other products, We recommend submitting your product to your nearest service center and sharing with us the ticket ID for the fastest resolution
  • If you ship your product or carry your product to the nearest service center yourself, compensation of up to Rs 300/- will be provided for the same by us provided you report your issue within 3 days of delivery.
  • If you don't have a nearby service center or want us to handle the case, you need to contact us and get your product picked up from your place. We will share the shipping label that you need to place on the product after repacking it back (Except Chairs, Graphic Cards, Cosmic Byte Products & Logitech Products).
  • Once we receive your product back, we will verify its condition and send a replacement if we have it in stock or process a refund (Except Chairs, Graphic Cards, Cosmic Byte Products & Logitech Products).
  • Drag or butterfly clicking glitch for various mice such as glorious is not covered under warranty or defect.


Any approved refund will be processed within 48-72 hours of approval to the customer's provided bank account or source of payment. In case of a change of product before dispatch, you either have to pay an additional amount (upgrade) or get back your difference (downgrade) which will be refunded.

For returns due to DOA, the payment gateway charges with payment partners like Cashfree, Razorpay, Paytm, and Easebuzz... will not be refunded. You can avoid these charges by paying us using UPI/GPay/BankTransfer during checkout.


We at TLG GAMING INDIA LLP ( know, how important it is to receive your purchased product(s) in perfect condition and on time. So we use a large network of couriers (logistics) to deliver your product(s) to you as early as possible.

Depending upon the location, the product(s) will be dispatched to you within 48 hours and should be delivered within 3-5 Working Days (Max 15 days) after dispatch. We are not accountable for shipment delays due to state emergencies, wars, strikes, government orders, or other uncontrolled scenarios.

Some products are shipped by our partnered brands directly to the customers

We will update the Tracking URL and AWB No. with your order status after tracking is generated for your convenience.

We reserve all the rights to cancel an order, and process refunds in any condition such as unavailability of stock, a technical glitch on the website, and non-serviceable pin codes.


If no person is available during delivery, 2-3 attempts will be made by logistics, You can communicate with the logistics and schedule delivery at your convenience.

Even after re-attempts, if the parcel remains undelivered it will be sent back to us by logistics. In such cases of RTO or Return to origins, You may ask us to reship it by paying the additional shipping cost of Rs 300/- or up to 10% (In rare cases) of the order value varies from case to case.

Note: This policy is for genuine cases of failed deliveries only and if you refuse or decline the parcel on purpose, you will not get any refund.

LEGAL RIGHTS - TLG GAMING INDIA LLP ( has the right to take legal action if (But Not Limited To)

  • The customer is trying any unethical method to place an order.
  • If a customer opens a dispute after the successful delivery of the product(s).
  • If a customer attempts to exploit the website to place an order.
  • If the customer uses a fake or stolen credit/debit card.
  • If the customer stops payments from the banking system after delivery.




Delay in fulfillment during pandemics, storms, and other national emergencies.

Additional Loss Due To Delayed Delivery By Logistics Services.

Parcel received by the spouse, flatmates, security guard, or other personnel on your premises.

Natural disasters/hazards or other issues/situations which disrupt courier service to work properly including national emergencies and government actions.

Burned/water damaged/mistreated parcel by the client.

The parcel is considered delivered if proof of delivery or pod is provided by logistic services.


Product(s) - Refers to the single product or multiple products that we are selling including hard disks, rams, and other computer or entertainment products.

Package - Refers to the packed product or products that are meant to be shipped.

Shipped - Refers to sending the parcel through a courier or logistic service provider.

DOA - DOA or Dead On Arrival, Refers to the condition where a product fails to function as it intends due to some defect from the manufacturer.

Original Condition - Refers to the original states on the product and its packaging in which it reaches the buyer.

Unboxing - Refers to the process of extraction of the parcel from its packaging.

Convenience fee - Refers to the charges to compensate for the fees of various payment gateway services, packaging charges, and inconvenience due to late cancellation. It varies from 0% to 10% for different cases.