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Cooler Master Hyper 212 Spectrum v3 ARGB Cooler Master Hyper 212 Spectrum v3 ARGB
Brand: Cooler Master Model: RR-S4NA-17PA-R1
Cooler Master is releasing the Hyper 212 Spectrum V3, a redesigned addition to its popular 212 Spectrum predecessor. The 4 heat pipe array has been treated with silver nickel plating forunhindered heat conductivity as well as matching aesthetics. The cooler height is set at 152mm, allowing for a wid..
Rs.2,023.00 Rs.2,299.00
Ex Tax:Rs.1,714.41
Cooler Master Hyper 620S ARGB Cooler Master Hyper 620S ARGB
Brand: Cooler Master Model: RR-D6NA-17PA-R1
Cooler Master is advancing the Hyper Series legacy with the debut of the 6-heat pipe Hyper air cooler – the Hyper 620S. With the dual tower dual fan design, the 6 heat pipe array dissipates heat impressively to handle the newest CPUs in the market. The new fans display stunning color and lighting wi..
Rs.3,299.00 Rs.5,499.00
Ex Tax:Rs.2,795.76
Cooler Master MasterLiquid 360L Core 360mm ARGB Black Cooler Master MasterLiquid 360L Core 360mm ARGB Black
Brand: Cooler Master Model: MLW-D36M-A18PZ-R1
Cooler Master has built upon the classic MasterLiquid L Series to present a redesigned and improved release of the MasterLiquid 360L Core ARGB. Featuring new design elements that bring a classic minimalist look to the series, the MasterLiquid 360L Core ARGB represents Cooler Master’s ongoing innovat..
Rs.7,999.00 Rs.9,199.00
Ex Tax:Rs.6,778.81
Corsair H150 RGB Corsair H150 RGB
Brand: Corsair Model: CW-9060054-WW
Corsair H150 RGB CPU Liquid Cooler (Black) | CW-9060054-WWIntroducing the Corsair H150 RGB CPU Liquid Cooler in sleek black. Elevating your PC cooling experience to new heights, this powerhouse cooler combines cutting-edge technology with striking aesthetics. Designed for enthusiasts and gamers..
Rs.8,949.00 Rs.12,999.00
Ex Tax:Rs.7,583.90
Deepcool AK400 Black Deepcool AK400 Black
Brand: Deepcool Model: R-AK400-BKNNMN-G-1
The DeepCool AK400 is a highly compatible CPU cooler featuring a classic four heat pipe tower layout with a unique matrix fin design and a high-performance FDB fan that delivers excellent heat dissipation and extremely low noise levels.Premium CompatibilityFeaturing up to 220W of heat dissipation ef..
Rs.3,199.00 Rs.3,499.00
Ex Tax:Rs.2,711.02
Deepcool AK620 Zero Dark Deepcool AK620 Zero Dark
Brand: Deepcool Model: R-AK620-BKNNMT-G-1
Deepcool AK620 Zero DarkThe DeepCool AK620 ZERO DARK is an all-black edition of the dominant AK620 high-performance CPU cooler. The same premium quality materials featuring six advanced copper heat pipes, a dense dual-tower heat sink, and two silent FDB fans produce a powerful winning formula for hi..
Rs.5,999.00 Rs.6,999.00
Ex Tax:Rs.5,083.90
Deepcool Gammaxx LE520 ARGB Black Deepcool Gammaxx LE520 ARGB Black
Brand: Deepcool Model: R-LE520-BKAMMN-G-1
DeepCool LE520 all-in-one liquid cooler is equipped with new high-performance ARGB fans, thermal paste, and DeepCool's new liquid cooler series design elements. POWERFUL HEAT DISSIPATIONThanks to an efficient micro-channel water block, thickened copper cold plate, and new high-performance ARGB fans..
Rs.5,729.00 Rs.6,999.00
Ex Tax:Rs.4,855.08
Deepcool Infinity LT720 Black Deepcool Infinity LT720 Black
Brand: Deepcool Model: R-LT720-BKAMNF-G-1
The DeepCool LT720 high-performance liquid CPU cooler provides strong heat dissipation power with a 360mm radiator, three precision-tuned FK120 fans, and a multidimensional infinity mirror top cap. Break Open Another DimensionA three-dimensional infinity mirror surface is revealed underneath the to..
Rs.10,899.00 Rs.11,999.00
Ex Tax:Rs.9,236.44
Deepcool Mystique 360 Black
Brand: Deepcool Model: R-LX750-BKDSNMP-G-1
The MYSTIQUE series is DeepCool's new line of liquid coolers with highly sought-after customizable LCD screens. Bring your creative style to life with customized images and animated gifs on the brilliant 2.8" TFT LCD screen! The pump has also been upgraded and optimized to provide better cooling tha..
Rs.15,399.00 Rs.19,999.00
Ex Tax:Rs.13,050.00
Lian Li Uni Fan SL Infinity White Triple Pack
Brand: Lian Li Model: G99-12SLIN3W-IN
Lian Li Uni Fan SL Infinity White Triple PackIlluminate Your Build with the Lian Li Uni Fan SL Infinity White Triple Pack:Elevate the aesthetics and performance of your PC with the Lian Li Uni Fan SL Infinity White Triple Pack. Designed for enthusiasts and gamers alike, these premium fans offer stun..
Rs.7,599.00 Rs.9,999.00
Ex Tax:Rs.6,439.83
 Deepcool CF140 2 In 1 ARGB -Dual Pack  Deepcool CF140 2 In 1 ARGB -Dual Pack
Out Of Stock
Brand: Deepcool Model: DP-FA-RGB-CF140-2
 Deepcool CF140 2 In 1 ARGB -Dual Pack  can be easily controlled by MB through 5V ADD-RGB Header. No additional controller is needed. They can synchronize with other ADD-RGB devices.LEDARGBSize140 mmPackTwoFan ControllerYesDP-FA-RGB-CF140-2FEATURESCustomizable Addressable RGB LED Ligh..
Ex Tax:Rs.3,173.73
Ant Esports ICE C612 Ant Esports ICE C612
Out Of Stock
Brand: ANT ESPORTS Model: ICE C612 RGB
ANT ESPORTS ICE-C612 RGB LED 120MM CPU AIR COOLER Direct Contact Technology: 4 heat pipes with Direct Contact Technology effectively provide excellent heat dissipation. PWM Silent Fan: Automatically controls the fan speed according to the temperature of CPU efficiently and decreases fan noise. Rai..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,139.83
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Cooling System At Best Price On TLG Gaming India

Conquer the Heat, Unleash the Beast: TLG Gaming's Cooling System Arsenal

At TLG Gaming, we understand the importance of keeping your PC cool under pressure. That's why we offer a comprehensive selection of top-tier cooling solutions for both CPUs and laptops, ensuring your system maintains peak performance during intense gaming sessions.

Unleash the Power:

  • CPU Coolers: Choose from a wide range of air coolers and liquid coolers (AIOs) from trusted brands like Noctua, Corsair, NZXT, and more. We offer a variety of sizes and performance levels to meet your specific needs, from quiet and efficient air cooling to the stunning visual appeal and superior cooling power of liquid solutions.
  • Thermal Paste: Don't underestimate the impact of a high-quality thermal paste. We carry top-performing options from brands like Thermal Grizzly and Arctic to ensure optimal heat transfer between your CPU and cooler.
  • Laptop Cooling Pads: Keep your laptop running cool and comfortable during extended gaming sessions with our diverse selection of cooling pads. Choose from various sizes, fan configurations, and features like adjustable speed control and LED lighting.

Benefits of Keeping Your PC Cool:

  • Prevent overheating: This helps avoid crashes, performance throttling, and potential damage to your hardware.
  • Maximize performance: A cool system runs smoother and delivers optimal performance for smoother gameplay and faster processing.
  • Increased lifespan: Proper cooling extends the life of your hardware by preventing heat-related damage.

TLG Gaming's Advantage:

  • Expert advice: Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the perfect cooling solution based on your specific needs and budget.
  • Competitive prices: We offer a wide range of options at competitive prices to ensure you get the best value for your money.
  • Fast and reliable shipping: Get your cooling upgrades delivered quickly so you can get back to dominating the competition.

Don't let heat hold you back! Upgrade your cooling system today at TLG Gaming and experience the difference of a cool, quiet, and high-performing PC.