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Intel Core i9 14900KF

Intel Core i9 14900KF
Intel Core i9 14900KF
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Buy The Intel Core i9 14900KF Desktop Processors At TLG Gaming India.

Introducing the Intel Core i9 14900KF, with LGA1700 socket and 14th Gen Raptor Lake architecture. It is a powerhouse CPU engineered for unparalleled gaming performance, now available at TLG Gaming India. With its cutting-edge specifications and relentless power, this processor is poised to redefine your gaming experience.

Featuring an impressive 16 cores and 32 threads, the i9 14900KF delivers lightning-fast speed and seamless multitasking capabilities, ensuring smooth gameplay and effortless execution of demanding tasks. With a base clock speed of 3.5 GHz and support for overclocking, this CPU provides the processing power needed to tackle intensive gaming sessions with ease.

Equipped with support for DDR5 memory and PCIe 5.0, the i9 14900KF optimizes system performance for enhanced efficiency and responsiveness, providing a competitive edge in every gaming session. Plus, with Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, you can enjoy increased performance when you need it most.

Upgrade your gaming setup with the Intel Core i9 14900KF and experience unparalleled gaming performance exclusively at TLG Gaming India. The 14900KF is a powerful processor that is well-suited for demanding tasks such as gaming, video editing, and 3D rendering. It is also a good choice for overclockers, as it is unlocked and can be overclocked to even higher speeds.

Key Features and Highlights

  • High core count and thread count: The 24 cores and 32 threads of the 14900KF make it a great choice for demanding workloads such as video editing, 3D rendering, and scientific computing.
  • Fast clock speeds: The 14900KF has a max turbo frequency of 5.6 GHz for the performance cores and 4.4 GHz for the efficiency cores, which makes it one of the fastest processors on the market.
  • Large L3 cache: The 36 MB of L3 cache helps to improve performance by reducing the need to access main memory.
  • Support for DDR5 memory: The 14900KF supports DDR5 memory, which is the latest and fastest type of memory available.
  • PCIe 5.0 support: The 14900KF supports PCIe 5.0, which is the latest and fastest I/O standard. This means that it can be used with the latest graphics cards and storage devices.

Here are the main highlights of the processor:

  • 16 cores, 32 threads
  • Base clock speed of 3.5 GHz
  • Overclocking capabilities
  • DDR5 memory support
  • PCIe 5.0 compatibility
  • Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0
  • Compatible with LGA 1700 socket
  • Advanced thermal solutions
  • Intel Smart Cache technology
  • Enhanced security features
  • Support for Thunderbolt 4 technology
  • Compatible with Intel Optane memory
  • Integrated Wi-Fi 6E support
  • AI acceleration features

Intel Core i9 14900KF Benchmarks

This is how it compares to marks versus other processors of similar category:

ProcessorAverage CPU Mark
Intel Core i9-14900KF60,155
Intel Core i9-14900K vs Intel Core i9-14900KF61,046 (+1.5%)
Intel Core i7-14700K vs Intel Core i9-14900KF53,642 (-10.8%)
Intel Core i9-13900K vs Intel Core i9-14900KF59,349 (-1.3%)
Intel Core i9-13900KF vs Intel Core i9-14900KF58,678 (-2.5%)
Intel Core i7-14700KF vs Intel Core i9-14900KF53,451 (-11.1%)
AMD Ryzen 9 7900X vs Intel Core i9-14900KF51,931 (-13.7%)
Intel Core i7-13700K vs Intel Core i9-14900KF46,552 (-22.6%)
Intel Core i7-13700KF vs Intel Core i9-14900KF46,381 (-22.9%)
AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D vs Intel Core i9-14900KF34,383 (-42.8%)
Intel Core i9-14900KS vs Intel Core i9-14900KF64,527 (+7.3%)
Intel Core i9-14900 vs Intel Core i9-14900KF49,392 (-17.9%)
Apple M2 Ultra 24 Core vs Intel Core i9-14900KF49,357 (-18.0%)

Intel Core i9 14900KF Specifications

Product CollectionIntel® Core™ i9 Processors (14th gen)
Code NameProducts formerly RAPTOR LAKE
Vertical SegmentDesktop
LithographyIntel 7
Use ConditionsPC/Client/Tablet
CPU Specifications 
Total Cores24
# of Performance-cores8
# of Efficient-cores16
Total Threads32
Max Turbo Frequency6 GHz
Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost Frequency6 GHz
Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 Frequency ‡5.8 GHz
Performance-core Max Turbo Frequency5.6 GHz
Efficient-core Max Turbo Frequency4.4 GHz
Performance-core Base Frequency3.2 GHz
Efficient-core Base Frequency2.4 GHz
Cache36 MB Intel® Smart Cache
Total L2 Cache32 MB
Processor Base Power125 W
Maximum Turbo Power253 W
Supplemental Information 
Marketing StatusLaunched
Launch DateQ4'23
Embedded Options AvailableNo
Memory Specifications 
Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type)192 GB
Memory Types
  • Up to DDR5 5600 MT/s
  • Up to DDR4 3200 MT/s
Max # of Memory Channels2
Max Memory Bandwidth89.6 GB/s
Expansion Options 
Direct Media Interface (DMI) Revision4.0
Max # of DMI Lanes8
Scalability1S Only
PCI Express Revision5.0 and 4.0
PCI Express Configurations ‡Up to 1x16+4, 2x8+4
Max # of PCI Express Lanes20
Package Specifications 
Sockets SupportedFCLGA1700
Max CPU Configuration1
Thermal Solution SpecificationPCG 2020A
Package Size45.0 mm x 37.5 mm
Advanced Technologies 
Intel® Gaussian & Neural Accelerator3.0
Intel® Thread DirectorYes
Intel® Deep Learning Boost (Intel® DL Boost) on CPUYes
Intel® Speed Shift TechnologyYes
Intel® Adaptive Boost TechnologyYes
Intel® Thermal Velocity BoostYes
Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 ‡Yes
Intel® Turbo Boost Technology ‡2.0
Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology ‡Yes
Intel® 64 ‡Yes
Instruction Set64-bit
Instruction Set ExtensionsIntel® SSE4.1, Intel® SSE4.2, Intel® AVX2
Idle StatesYes
Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® TechnologyYes
Thermal Monitoring TechnologiesYes
Intel® Volume Management Device (VMD)Yes
Security & Reliability 
Intel® Standard Manageability (ISM) ‡Yes
Intel® Control-Flow Enforcement TechnologyYes
Intel® AES New InstructionsYes
Secure KeyYes
Intel® OS GuardYes 
Execute Disable Bit ‡Yes
Intel® Boot GuardYes
Mode-based Execute Control (MBEC)Yes 
Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x) ‡Yes
Intel® Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d) ‡Yes
Intel® VT-x with Extended Page Tables (EPT) ‡ Yes
Warranty3 Years
LAUNCH YEAROctober 2023
SERIESIntel Core i9
TYPEDesktop Processor
TLG GAMING25/06/2021

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