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Carrying Case

HyperX Cloud Earbuds Carrying Case
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Brand: Hyperx Model: HXS-HSCEB-BK-CC
HyperX Cloud Earbuds Carrying Case HyperX Cloud Earbuds Carrying Case HXS-HSCEB-BK-CC, Compatible headphones carrying case. This is portable and hence can be carried easily. Needs very limited space.GET IT AT BEST RATES ONLY ON TLG GAMING INDIAFEATURESProduct payment methodPre payment..
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HyperX Cloud Headset Carrying Case Black HyperX Cloud Headset Carrying Case Black
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Brand: Hyperx Model: HXS-HSCC1
HyperX HXS-HSCC1 Cloud Headset Carrying Case Black Protect your HyperX Cloud Headset in-style with the official HyperX Cloud Carrying Case. Built with quality materials and intended to protect your headset while on the go, don't leave home without it.GET IT AT BEST RATES ONLY ON TLG GAMING..
Ex Tax:Rs.958.00
HyperX Headset Cloud Mesh Bag HyperX Headset Cloud Mesh Bag
Out Of Stock
Brand: Hyperx Model: HXS-HSBG
HyperX Headset Cloud Mesh Bag HYPERX HEADSET CLOUD MESH BAG (HXS-HSBG) FEATURES Compatible with Cloud, CloudX, Cloud II, and Cloud Alpha Drawstring closure Side pocket for accessoriesGET IT AT BEST RATES ONLY ON TLG GAMING INDIAFEATURESCompatible with Cloud, CloudX, Cloud II, and Cloud Alp..
Ex Tax:Rs.889.83
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Carrying Case

A PC carrying case, also known as a laptop bag or sleeve, is a protective enclosure designed to transport your laptop computer safely and conveniently. It comes in various sizes, materials, and styles to accommodate different laptop models and user preferences.

Here's a detailed description of a typical PC carrying case:


  • Material: Commonly made from durable materials like water-resistant nylon, polyester, or leather for enhanced protection against the elements and minor bumps.
  • Dimensions: This varies depending on the size of the laptop it's designed for. Typically, it has a slightly larger footprint than the laptop itself to accommodate additional space for accessories like a charger, mouse, and cables.
  • Compartments: Often features a main padded compartment for the laptop, with additional pockets or compartments for accessories, documents, and personal items.
  • Closure: May have a zipper closure, a buckle closure, or a combination of both for added security.
  • Carrying straps: Usually comes with adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable carrying, and some may have additional handles for briefcase-style carrying.


  • Padding: The main compartment is usually lined with padded material to absorb impact and protect the laptop from scratches and bumps during transport.
  • Straps or dividers: Some cases may have additional straps or dividers to secure the laptop in place and prevent it from moving around inside the bag.

Additional features:

  • Trolley sleeve: Some larger cases may have a trolley sleeve on the back that allows them to be attached to a rolling suitcase for easier travel.
  • Security features: Some cases may have TSA-approved locks or hidden compartments for added security.

Choosing the right PC carrying case:

When choosing a PC carrying case, consider the following factors:
  • The size of your laptop: Make sure the case is large enough to comfortably fit your laptop.
  • The materials: Choose a material that is durable, water-resistant, and lightweight.
  • The number of compartments: Decide how many compartments you need for your accessories and personal items.
  • The carrying style: Choose a carrying style that is comfortable for you, whether it be shoulder straps, handles, or a combination of both.
  • Your budget: PC carrying cases come in a variety of price ranges, so choose one that fits your budget.