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Cable Management and Headset Mount

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Cable Management and Headset Mount

Cable Management and Headset Mount for PC

This convenient accessory helps tame the cable clutter behind your PC and provides a dedicated spot for your headset while not in use.


  • Cable Management:

    • Organizes and holds various PC cables, such as power, USB, and audio cables, in one place.
    • May utilize adhesive pads, clips, or a combination of methods to secure cables.
    • Helps prevent tangled cables and improves airflow around your PC.

  • Headset Mount:

    • Provides a designated spot to hang your headset when not in use.
    • May be a hook, arm, or platform, depending on the design.
    • Keeps your headset easily accessible and organized.

  • Benefits:

    • Creates a cleaner and more organized desk space.
    • Reduces cable wear and tear.
    • Makes it easier to find and access your headset.
    • May improve PC airflow, potentially leading to better cooling.


  • Can be made from various materials such as plastic, metal, silicone, or a combination.
  • Choose a material that is sturdy, lightweight, and complements your PC setup.


  • May adhere to your desk or PC case using adhesive pads, screws, or magnets.
  • Choose a mounting method that suits your preference and workspace.

Additional features (may vary by model):

  • Adjustable arm for headset placement.
  • Cable management channels for improved organization.
  • RGB lighting for a touch of personalization.

Overall, a Cable Management and Headset Mount for a PC is a practical and helpful accessory for keeping your desk space organized and your headset readily available.