All About Intel 12th-gen Alder Lake!

If you are looking to build a Beast PC, first of all, you need to decide and pick your purpose for assembling a Pc, whether it is related to gaming or whether it’s related to the workstation. Accordingly, you can choose the CPU.

The newest Intel Generation was named Alder Lake

Alder Lake is Intel's series name for the 12th generation of Intel Core processors based on a hybrid architecture utilizing Golden Cove high-performance cores and Gracemont power-efficient cores. It is fabricated using Intel's Intel 7 process, previously referred to as Intel 10 nm Enhanced SuperFin (10ESF). Intel officially launched 12th Gen Intel Core CPUs on October 27, 2021, and the expected CPUs were supposed to be starting to arrive in November end for India region but yet they are rarely available at the moment.

The newly launched Intel 12th Gen series is one of the best CPUs made by Intel in its entire line-up and its record-breaking benchmarks but similarly due to new generation support in them it’s as costly as we think of getting one.

New Features

Let's understand the features the new Intel CPUs offer

The most important thing other than the performance boosts is an improvised design is 1st major factor that Alder Lake processors support the brand-new PCI-e 5 expansion card and DDR5 Memory (RAM) standards. That is approximately double the bandwidth of data to use up and for future GPUs and boosted higher speeds while using the single-DIMM capacity for memory(RAM)

This means this is the CPU series of next-gen which will have all the features and will set a tone for all the future that its rival AMD will design keeping the Alder Lake in mind

All the CPUs support up to 128 GB of DDR4-3200 or DDR5-4800 RAM in dual channel mode.

P-cores and E-cores

P cores refer to Performance Cores that are optimized brilliantly to handle single and lightly threaded performance, they are used to enhance gaming and productivity.

E cores are known as the Efficient cores which are designed to handle the major high threaded workloads and they are the ones that will minimize all the minor interruptions from the background task management.

Users can do overclock both Performance-cores (P-cores) & Efficient-cores (E-cores) to maximize the performance given by the Alder Lake CPUs

Thread Director

Intel Thread Director sends the right workload to the right core at the perfect time. It helps prioritize and manage the distribution of workloads, sending tasks to their desired most optimized thread. It works in great sync with the operating system for intelligent workload distribution.

Costing: - It’s going to cost a lot more than expectations for an Intel build with the Alder Lake CPU’s

Please do consider while building a 12th Gen Intel is going to cost a lot because the components won’t be easily available in the market, you also will need to buy a brand new LGA 1700 CPU Socket along with the DDR5 memory, so you will need to select best of Z690 motherboards. And in Alder Lake’s early days currently, only top-end Z690-class motherboards will be available, with mainstream and budget boards still to be announced by brands. The only good thing is at least PCIe 5 expansion slots will remain backward-compatible with current PCIe 4 cards, so there’s no need to get a new GPU any time soon.

Firstly, the semiconductor shortage due to which the productions are already lesser than normal speeds so there will be a huge scarcity till the shortage doesn’t end and the shortages may not end by end of the year 2022 whether it’s GPU based or CPU based

All the new pc parts are it motherboards or memory(dram) will be in both high demand and short supply, especially when the new CPU’s launch. Even retail prices will be higher when you compare to the Ryzen series.

Performance: -

Alder lake is a mix of both performance and efficiency cores, workloads must be on set on correct cores, it’s easy to see that having a core that excels at high-performance workloads isn't much help if the high-performance workloads often land in the slower cores. It's not quite as bad if lighter workloads land on the high-performance cores — they'll still run fine — but that could potentially burn extra power and slow down other tasks. Sadly, the current Windows 10 thread scheduling system is based entirely on static rules (priority, foreground, background) that are inefficient and create software programming overhead.

Intel’s new Thread Director Tech is the quiet star of the Alder Lake series. This will be a game-changer in Windows 11 Operating system but has very limited support for Windows 10, the new Thread director promises us better multitasking with the ultimate performance which Ryzen offers in its Ryzen 5000 series, Intel is trying to up their game with the new Alder Lake Series but let's wait and watch what the upcoming Ryzen series will be and what amazing products Ryzen will launch because Ryzen has been dominating the CPU market since it’s Ryzen 2000 series due to being unbeatable in performance and multitasking and cost-effective CPU’s in the market.

The best budget to performance CPU will be i5 12600K, Intel hasn’t announced any i3 generation processors yet for the Alder Lake series but rumors have it will be launched soon.

The Core i5-12600K is equally impressive in its price range as it is 38% faster in threaded work than the comparably-priced 5600X, and 7% faster than the 5800X that costs 5000-6000 INR inclusive GST more than Intel’s i5 12600K.

Pricing: -

In India, the costings for i9 12900K would be 61000-62000 INR inclusive of GST approximately.

The costings for i9 12900KF would be around 56000-57000 INR inclusive of GST approximately.

The prices for i7 12700K would be around 42000-43000 INR inclusive of GST approximately.

The prices for i7 12700KF would be around 37000-38000 INR inclusive of GST approximately.

The rates for i5 12600K would be around 28000-29000 INR inclusive of GST approximately.

The value for i5 12600KF would be around 26000-27000 INR inclusive of GST approximately.

Please note these are approximate prices, you can check out the accurate Intel 12th Gen prices on our website here

The wait will be for the release for the next-gen Ryzen CPU’s which will probably define whether to buy Intel’s Alder Lake or the new generation Ryzen Series because Ryzen may also have something interesting which will set the tone for deciding the next pc build for young generation gamers and enthusiasts.

Intel is going all-in: the company will reunify its desktop and mobile lines with Alder Lake. Intel says it will tune Alder Lake for high-performance, a must for desktop PCs and high-end notebooks. With this Intel is bidding completely to get a chance in regaining a high market share in the CPU market.

That’s all ladies and gentlemen this is a short brief story on Intel’s new Alder Lake Series.