In the current situations in the PC and Desktop world, the MVP (Most Valuable Part) and VIP (Very Important Part) are Graphic Cards, also known as GPU or video cards.

The GPU is the component when connected to our motherboard produces visual data on our monitor/screen.

The graphic cards are highly used in all aspects, maybe it is for video editing/gaming/deep learning/AI/Mining aspects.

With better GPUs, the performance improves `widely; the FPS (Frames Per Second), aka framerates, with better frames, will mean faster frame time and lesser frame drops that will result in a very good gaming experience. 

The Graphics Cards are manufactured by NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel. ETA April 2022, and these all-manufacture chips of different graphics cards for different purposes; here at TLG GAMING INDIA, we try to provide all sorts of Graphics Cards at the best price in India.

We have video cards for PC users from all of the major video card aftermarket manufacturers from Inno3d, MSI, Galax, Zotac, Asus, Sapphire, Gigabyte, Colorful, PNY, Power color, and AsRock.

From the basic 710 to top end 3090, etc, we have it all; just in case you can’t find it in stock, you can enquire with us any time on our social media.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Regarding Graphic Cards

Q.1 What is the definition of GPU, aka Graphics Cards?

The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), aka graphic card, is meant to be the heart, and it’s the main component responsible for generating what the computer is trying to represent. It sends the binary data to the monitor, which is then visually seen on the monitor to the viewer. Without the Graphics Card, the viewer won’t be able to have the slightest idea of what the computer is trying to speak. So without a Graphic card, the monitor won’t have any output, which is most needed.

Q.2 What is the pricing for graphic cards in India?

The best price for graphic cards in India depends on a variety of factors; the more high-end graphics card would include the newest technology and architecture, which are more costly than the older generation graphic cards. The VRM (Memory) has an important role in them the better the memory, then it would usually have a higher cost because the performance, infrastructure, and technology would be much more advanced than the standard 2GB or 4GB variants...

The 2GB would be cheaper than the 4GB variant; the 4GB variant would be cheaper than the 6GB variant, and so on.

Q.3 What are the current series that are available in the market right now for the Nvidia GPU series?

In Nvidia for gamers, the general series starts at the GT cards series; the GTX series was the initial step to bring the new and most advanced RTX series in the GPU market, aka called the Ray Tracing Texel eXtreme, all are variants under GeForce.

Q.4 What do graphic cards relate to when it comes to the gamers and gaming section?

It is the most important component that will be the sole reason for performance, FPS (Frames Per Second); the GPU will be one of the most important components, so never compromise while selecting the GPU.

If you take a good GPU, it will be a game-changer for gamers due to higher memory one will play lag-free at top resolutions such as 2K or 4K, so while making a new PC or upgrading your PC, you should always select the best suitable gaming graphics cards.

Q.4 Which GPU is the best for gamers?

The latest next-gen graphic cards, such as Nvidia and AMD cards, are recommended for all gamers. With the newest generation, the performance gets a huge boost for gamers.

These include the latest RTX 3000 series from Nvidia and RX cards from AMD.

If, as a gamer, you have a budget ranging from 50k to 60k, you will get the RTX 3060, which is priced between 50-60k and is better than most graphic cards.

If, as a gamer, you have a budget ranging from 40k to 50k, you will get an RX6600 which will be a very suitable card.

If, as a gamer, you have a budget ranging from 30k to 40k, then you will get the newly launched RTX 3050, which is the best card for gamers in the current silicon shortage and pandemic scenario.

If, as a gamer, you have a budget ranging from 20k to 30k, you will be able to fetch yourself an RX 6500 XT or a GTX 1650 series GPU.

In short, the graphics card price will vary a lot, The GPU prices will cost from ten thousand to a few lakhs of rupees. It all depends on the performance you expect and how much you are willing to spend on them.

If you are on a slightly smaller budget, you can check out 4GB graphic cards such as Nvidia’s GTX 1650 or the newly launched AMD RX 6500 XT, at least of which are available at the best price on TLG GAMING.

Q.5 Do Laptops have graphic cards?

Yes, laptops have graphic cards already integrated while the laptop is being manufactured.

Q.6 What are graphic card prices for Laptops

Laptops are integral devices that don’t get separate GPUs, the one laptop has would already have an included integrated GPU.

Q.7 Can we add an external graphic card to our laptop?

Yes, we can add an external graphic card to our laptop, but it will require the Thunderbolt Port, and also, it will require an external graphic card, and this is very expensive technology.