Razer DeathAdder v2 pro wireless

A wireless ergonomic gaming mouse, explains it all about this newly launched revolution in the gaming equipment you’d find for yourself. The brand has already sold over 10 million mice, and that’s a record in itself. It is one of the most successful gaming mice produced and launched for enthusiastic gamers. The Razer DeathAdder v2 pro evolved with time, and shred its wires to break all boundaries for passionate gamers. What never changed for the brand was the quality, comfort, and state of art design of the product which kept true to its loyal customers.

Detailed Product specifications


This Razer DeathAdder v2 pro wireless mouse works 25 percent faster than other competitive products in this category. Its high-speed transmission works so accurately that you’d hardly realize that it is a wireless mouse. The speed in combination with stability makes this product a perfect accomplice to every passionate gamer. This product is tested by TUV SUD PSB for its technology and credited as the fasted accessory in this category.

Uses ultrafast radio frequency

This wireless mouse uses ultrafast radio frequency to send data at a lightning-fast speed between the mouse and PC. The process speeds up, and in the least a day it breaks all records. The makers recorded the lowest click latency with this pro wireless mouse.


Reliability is the added benefit of this product. It compliments speed, thus making this HyperSpeed wireless mouse the most performance-oriented device in the noisiest, data-saturated environments. Designed around the new Adaptive Frequency Technology, this device scans all available channels at every millisecond, thus detecting interference from time to time. This quick action allows the device to perform fast avoiding all lags and stutters.

Multi-device support

This extravagant pro wireless mouse could be easily connected to a single dongle and put to work, you don’t need to free up any extra USB port.

Switch to speed and avoid all glitches if you wish to make your gaming experience the most superior of all. 

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