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TLG-GAMING PC 5 AT THE BEST PRICE Dominate your opponents with the AMD Ryzen 5 5500 processor, known for its smooth multitasking and high core clock speeds. Pair that with the MSI B450M Pro VDH Max motherboard, offering rock-solid stability and overclocking p..
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TLG - GAMING PC 7 AT THE BEST PRICEThe TLG-GAMING PC 7 is a pre-built gaming PC designed for demanding gamers who want high performance without having to build their own PC. It comes with a powerful Intel core i5 13400F processor, an RTX 4060 Ti 8GB graphics card, 16GB of DDR5 RAM, and a 1TB NVMe SS..
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TLG - GAMING PC 8 AT THE BEST PRICEThe TLG-GAMING PC 8 also comes with 16GB of DDR5 RAM, a 500GB NVMe PCIe Gen 3 SSD, and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 Ventus 2X OC 8GB graphics card. The graphics card is based on the Nvidia Ampere architecture and supports ray tracing. The PC also comes with a Deepcoo..
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Buy Pre-Built Gaming PC in India

While building a gaming PC sounds fun, it has its own set of challenges that newbies might not be ready to face. This is why TLG Gaming offers custom pre-built gaming rigs for gamers who don't want to spend time building a PC themselves.

Why Pre-Built Gaming PCs are Better Than Building Your Own

Some gamers love tinkering with different system components. But others don't enjoy getting their hands dirty. This is where pre-built gaming systems come in handy.

There are several benefits to getting a pre-built gaming PC rather than buying separate parts and assembling it yourself. Let's look at a few:

Saves Time

If you're new to PC building, doing extensive research on components will take hours or even days. If you just want to game occasionally, the time and energy spent sourcing parts isn't worth the hassle.

Buying a pre-built PC saves you from days of research and hunting for parts. You can start playing as soon as it's delivered, with Windows already installed.

No Assembly Required

A beginner can easily spend 6-7 hours assembling a custom gaming PC. Even then, we'd recommend getting help from a professional if you're inexperienced. The parts are delicate, and mistakes can damage them.

Pre-built PCs come ready to use out of the box. We handle the assembly carefully so everything works properly. You avoid the risk of breaking something during the build process.

Better Warranty & Support

With separate parts, if something breaks after a few months, you'll have to contact each manufacturer and ship the part back.

Usually, it takes a lot of time for people to debug which part is causing trouble in a system. Then, getting the product RMA from the brand is another hassle that will take you days. 

We have direct connections from the brands and service centers. Buying a prebuilt PC from TLG Gaming ensures that we will help you with the debugging and customer support you need in case of any breakdown or issue. 

For the rigs you purchase from us, we also provide a warranty on some high-end systems, making it easier for customers to handle them.

Carefully Chosen Parts

Since we build PCs daily, our team understands component compatibility and optimal configurations well. Pre-built PCs from us have carefully selected parts that work flawlessly together.

As a beginner, you may buy incompatible RAM, Motherboard, or GPU by mistake. We handpick and configure parts that deliver maximum performance. You get a PC ready for reliable, lag-free gaming out of the box.

Better Value

Buying parts separately often ends up costing more than getting a pre-built PC. Pre-built systems come from authorized distributors so we can offer competitive bundle pricing.

We also run frequent sales and deals that let you get more for your money. As a full system provider, we can offer discounts that individual retailers can't match.

Why You Should Buy a Pre-Built Gaming PC From TLG Gaming?

While there are a lot of pre-built PC builders in India, we take a lot of pride in showing off our customer service. We have thousands of customers each month in different categories, and our 100% customer satisfaction ratio speaks for itself.


We offer more than what the market offers. Apart from the pre-built setups you see on the page, you can add a lot of customization to the builds. If you have some knowledge of what exactly you need, you can build a customized pre-built gaming PC easily. We help you do that with ease. 


Pre-built PCs can have a hefty pricing tag from some manufacturers and company-built models from official brands. Those systems have a lot of limitations and are vaguely priced. Our pricing is suited for all budgets and ranges from low to high. Whether you’re a bachelor with a limited budget or an avid gamer with a high budget, we have it all. 

FAQs on Pre-Built Gaming PCs in India

Will the System have a Preinstalled Operating System?

Yes! However, this is limited to some products. If you have custom requirements for this, you can reach out to our support, who will help you with any questions about getting a different version of Windows. 

Are Displays Included in the Builds?

No, we sell the monitor or display separately. You can choose from a plethora of options like 24-inch Full HD, 27-inch Quad HD, 32-inch 4K Ultra HD, 34-inch UltraWide, and 49-inch Super UltraWide. These are just some to be listed here. 

What About the Heating Issues Custom PC Builds Have?

With the high-end CPU cooling systems installed in our pre-built systems, you dont have to worry about any heating which might be caused. Remember that the PC tier you buy will be a factor in the cooling system used in it. Low-tier builds won’t have any cooling system installed. A few types of cooling systems we use are liquid cooling, air cooling, dual-fan cooling, all-in-one (AIO) cooling, and RGB cooling. 

What TLG Offers

TLG Gaming India have In-house PC builders who will build your system for you based in Gujarat. We also ship it to all parts of India so you will not have to worry about delivery time or high-charges. With high quality and durable packaging, along with timely delivery, TLG Gaming India offers the best PC-builds along with the best PC-Builders at your service.