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PC Cases (Cabinets)

Antec P120 Crystal Black Antec P120 Crystal Black
Out Of Stock
Brand: Antec Model: P120 Crystal Black
Antec P120 Crystal Black Antec Performance P120 Crystal Mid-Tower case is a prime combination of aesthetics and performance.P120 Crystal offers the best configuration for your personal computer setup, and it’s ready to give you a mind-blowing user experience.Antec P120 Crystal follows the minim..
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Antec Striker Antec Striker
Out Of Stock
Brand: Antec Model: Striker
Antec Striker er is composed of 4 mm tempered glass panels, aluminum and steel structure. It’s completely open-air frame, providing great thermal performance and giving all expert modders an extreme challenge.When installing an AIO water cooler or custom water cooler at the left side, users can inst..
Ex Tax:Rs.16,059.32
Asus Rog Strix Helios GX601 (Black) Asus Rog Strix Helios GX601 (Black)
Out Of Stock
Brand: Asus Model: HELIOS-GX601
Asus Rog Strix Helios GX601 (Black)  is a premium mid-tower gaming case with three tempered-glass panels, refined aluminum frame and integrated front-panel RGB lighting. Built-in cable management, including a multifunction cover with GPU braces, keeps the interior sharp and tidy. Engineere..
Ex Tax:Rs.23,720.34
Asus Tuf Gaming GT501 (Black) Asus Tuf Gaming GT501 (Black)
Out Of Stock
Brand: Asus Model: TUF-GAMING-GT501
Asus Tuf Gaming GT501 (Black) is crafted from up to 1.5mm-thick galvanized steel for enhanced durability in understated industrial style, and has a special coating that resists scuffs and scratches. It's fitted with two ergonomic, woven-cotton handles, rigorously tested to support up to 30kg – ..
Ex Tax:Rs.12,194.92
Cooler Master CMP 510 ARGB Cooler Master CMP 510 ARGB
Out Of Stock
Brand: Cooler Master Model: CP510-KGNN-S00
The Saber's EdgeWith a construction that provides generous airflow and a stream of light, the CMP 510 boasts a glowing ARGB edge to adorn the front panel. Mesh makes up a substantial portion of its structure to provide optimum performance potential.Liquid-cooling support and the capability to house ..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,405.93
Cooler Master CMP 520 Black Cooler Master CMP 520 Black
-5 % In Stock
Brand: Cooler Master Model: CP520-KGNN-S00
CMP 520's asymmetrical front panel design frames the pre-installed three 120mm ARGB fans as unique centerpieces on the build.Three 120mm ARGB Fans IncludedMesh Geode Front PanelVersatile Cooling OptionsFull Black Coating & PSU CoverBreathable Power Supply ShroudThree 120mm ARGB Fans IncludedThre..
Rs.5,199.00 Rs.5,499.00
Ex Tax:Rs.4,405.93
Cooler Master Masterbox K501L ARGB Cooler Master Masterbox K501L ARGB
Out Of Stock
Brand: Cooler Master Model: MCB-K501L-KGNN-SR3
Gaming is in the core of the new MasterBox K501L ARGB. Donning an illuminated fan against the angled front panel ventilation speaks to its competitive character. Support of gaming hardware like long graphics cards, plenty of storage, and liquid cooling take priority in the K501L ARGB while still lea..
Ex Tax:Rs.3,897.46
Cooler Master Masterbox K501L RGB  V2 Cooler Master Masterbox K501L RGB  V2
Out Of Stock
Brand: Cooler Master Model: MCB-K501L-KANN-SR1
SERIESMASTERBOXTYPEMID TOWER5.25" BAYS03.5" BAYS22.5" BAYS2EXPANSION SLOTS7MAX RADIATOR SUPPORT360MAX FAN SUPPORT6COLORBLACKSIDE PANELTRANSPARENTFeaturesGaming is in the core of the MasterBox K501L RGB. Donning an RGB fan against the angled front panel ventilation speaks to its aggressive character...
Ex Tax:Rs.3,194.92
Cooler Master MasterBox MB520 Mesh ARGB Black Cooler Master MasterBox MB520 Mesh ARGB Black
-13 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Cooler Master Model: MB520-KGNN-S00
FineMesh Performance Front Panel – Large mesh intakes offer unrestricted airflow and stellar thermals for demanding systems.Three CF120 ARGB Fans Included – Pre-installed CF120 ARGB fans provide ample airflow, ensuring low temperatures, high performance, and eye-catching aesthetics during ..
Rs.6,899.00 Rs.7,899.00
Ex Tax:Rs.5,846.61
Cooler Master MasterBox MB520 Mesh ARGB White Cooler Master MasterBox MB520 Mesh ARGB White
Out Of Stock
Brand: Cooler Master Model: MB520-WGNN-S00
MasterBox 520 is the ideal chassis for both novice and experienced gamers alike, providing users multiple options in case design to satisfy different needs. Whether you place upmost value on system performance and high quality gaming experiences, or dazzling aesthetics and an outlook that stands out..
Ex Tax:Rs.6,355.08
Cooler Master Masterbox MB540 ARGB Cooler Master Masterbox MB540 ARGB
Out Of Stock
Brand: Cooler Master Model: MB540-KGNN-S00
A vivid, iridescent design spans the entire front panel of the MasterBox 540. Customizable ARGB strips radiate behind the transparent façade for a stunning display of light.The ARGB strips can be set to match the colour scheme of the system inside with an included controller, and will also sync to t..
Ex Tax:Rs.7,795.76
Cooler Master MasterBox TD500 Mesh (black) Cooler Master MasterBox TD500 Mesh (black)
-13 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Cooler Master Model: MCB-D500D-KGNN-S01
Rs.7,499.00 Rs.8,599.00
Ex Tax:Rs.6,355.08
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PC Cases (Cabinets): Your Gaming HQ's Style and Power Hub

Hey there, fellow gamers! Let's talk about PC cabinets, the unsung heroes of your gaming setup. They're not just boxes; they're your style statement, your powerhouse, and where the gaming magic truly unfolds. In this article, we're diving deep into PC cabinets that are designed with gamers like you in mind, folks who want to elevate their gaming experience.

The style that Speaks Volumes

Remember when PC cabinets used to be as exciting as a plain old shoebox? Well, those days are long gone! Today's PC cabinets have turned into fashion statements. They boast fancy lights, transparent glass sides, and some serious design swagger. Check out the LIAN LI O11 DYNAMIC EVO ARGB; it's not just easy on the eyes, it's got the guts to match.

Keeping It Cool

When you're knee-deep in gaming battles, things can get seriously hot. That's where keeping your gaming rig cool becomes crucial. Modern PC cabinets have got your back with smart airflow design, liquid cooling, and nifty cable management.

Factors to Consider

  1. Size Matters: PC cabinets come in various sizes, from mini-ITX to full-tower behemoths. The size you choose should match your needs. Smaller cabinets are great for compact setups, while larger ones provide ample space for multiple GPUs and cooling solutions.

  2. Airflow and Cooling: Gamers push their hardware to the limit, generating a lot of heat. A well-ventilated PC cabinet with good airflow is essential. Look for features like mesh panels and fan mounts to keep your components running cool.

  3. Cable Management: A neat and organized interior not only looks great but also improves airflow and makes future upgrades easier.PC Cabinets with built-in cable management options can save you a lot of headaches.

  4. RGB Lighting: For advanced gamers, aesthetics matter. Many PC Cabinets come with built-in RGB lighting options, allowing you to customize your rig's look. Some even sync with your in-game actions for a truly immersive experience.

The Impact of Cabinet Design

The design of your PC cabinets plays a significant role in both form and function. There's a trend in the gaming world towards more unique and futuristic designs, offering not only an impressive aesthetic but also practical features. Some PC cabinets offer modular components, making it easy to swap out parts or upgrade your system without needing new PC cabinets altogether.

Optimizing Airflow for Peak Performance

Understanding the importance of proper airflow is critical for achieving peak gaming performance. Well-designed cabinets can make a significant difference in this regard.

  1. Positive vs. Negative Pressure: Cabinets can be configured to maintain positive or negative air pressure, affecting dust buildup and cooling efficiency. Understanding this concept is crucial for a high-performing system.

  2. Fan Placement: Knowing where to place intake and exhaust fans can drastically affect the efficiency of heat dissipation. We'll delve into the best fan placement strategies for different cabinet sizes and configurations.

  3. Cooling Solutions: From air cooling to liquid cooling, there are various options available. We'll explore which cooling solution suits your gaming needs and cabinet design.

The Future Beckons

PC cabinets for gamers are an ever-evolving journey. In the future, expect cabinets that adapt to your new gear, ingenious cooling solutions, and even more jaw-dropping lighting. As technology races ahead, your gaming setup will only get more amazing.

Your gaming setup is your kingdom and the PC cabinets? It's your throne, your control center, your fortress. It's more than a box; it's where your gaming dreams unfold.

yone, whether you're going big or keeping it simple. So, enjoy your gaming adventures, and may your computer run smoother than a hot knife through butter and stay as cool as an ice-cold drink on a scorching day! Game on!