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03 Mar Ways to keep the computer cool while playing games
Akash 0 621
The personal computer serves many purposes today. Gone were the days when it was used for business excel spreadsheet or school projects. Now, it is used for browsing kitchen recipes to binge your favourite shows to play the latest games. The flexibil..
21 Feb Benefits of gaming PCs vs consoles
admin 0 914
Avid gamers are very much concerned with various aspect of gaming- resolution, game speed, lags, compatibility, synchronization while playing online etc. With gaming industry revenue in billions of dollars, the gaming companies are in a race to launc..
03 Feb Why choose AMD Ryzen CPU for your gaming PC
admin 0 666
Today, the gaming market is dominated by multi-core CPUs. The emergence of new technology has made gaming experience quite enthralling for gamers. Faster multi-core processers are required to manage the heavy graphics and speed of the news games bein..
16 Jan 4 Best Desktop Processors for Gamers
admin 0 827
While laptops have taken over the market, desktops still find their niche audience among developers, gamers and often, graphic designers. The present age of laptops offers convenience such as portability, however, desktops are extremely customizable ..
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