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Benq SW320

Benq SW320
Benq SW320
Benq SW320
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Benq SW320
Benq SW320
Benq SW320
Benq SW320
Revive the Moment With Adobe RGB wide color spaceThe SW320 builds upon the success of its award-winning predecessor and sets a new benchmark for wide ..
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Revive the Moment With Adobe RGB wide color space

The SW320 builds upon the success of its award-winning predecessor and sets a new benchmark for wide gamut monitors taking image quality to the next level with the addition of HDR capabilities. The new 31.5 Inch 4K UHD monitor offers extraordinary clarity of fine details and textures on a true 10-bit panel with 99% Adobe RGB, 100% sRGB color space coverage as well as supporting HDR content


  • 99% Adobe RGB Color Space With IPS technology
  • 31.5 Inch 4K UHD Resolution
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Hardware Calibration With Palette Master Element Software
  • Hotkey Puck for switching different picture modes effortlessly

Outstanding Color Accuracy and Resolution

4K UHD Monitor

4K Ultra HD resolution ensures extraordinary clarity of fine details and textures for an optimal viewing and visual-intensive work experience.

99% Adobe RGB

See the true colors of nature! Adobe RGB color space offers a greater range of color reproduction for shades of blue and green, resulting in a more realistic color representation for outdoor and nature photography.

10-bit Color Display

Enjoy the smoothest color gradations on a 10-bit display which shows more than one billion colors.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

High Dynamic Range (HDR) increases the overall dynamic range between black and white so the resulting image appears closer to what your eyes see in the natural world.

*To view HDR content from your device, ensure that you use the HDMI cable provided with the SW320 monitor or an High Speed HDMI Cable or Premium High Speed HDMI Certified Cable.

*HDR function supports HDR10.

14-bit 3D LUT & Delta E ≦ 2

The 14-bit 3D Look Up Table (LUT) improves RGB color blending accuracy, resulting in impeccable color reproduction. Having Delta E≤2 in both Adobe RGB and sRGB color spaces gives you the truest and most representative view of the original image.

Hardware Calibration

Hardware calibration allows you to adjust the image processing chip in the monitor without changing the graphics card output data. It keeps images consistent with its original copies without being affected by graphic settings.

Palette Master Element Calibration Software

With the use of Palette Master Element and a calibrator, you can tune and maintain the color performance of the monitor at its most optimal state.

Simple, Functional Design for Greater Efficiency

Advanced Black & White Mode

View your photos in a black and white film effect. Choose from three different black and white presets to preview your photos in before you perform actual adjustments in your photo processing program.


GamutDuo enables you to view content simultaneously in different color spaces side-by-side for added comparison. Switch to PIP/PBP mode to enable GamutDuo.

Hotkey Puck

The Hotkey Puck allows the user to switch between Adobe RGB mode, sRGB mode and Black & White mode effortlessly. The buttons can also be customized to map other modes or OSD settings, such as brightness and contrast to bring added convenience to photographers.

Shading Hood

The SW320 includes a detachable shading hood that effectively reduces the monitor’s screen glare resulting from ambient lighting, ensuring superb color accuracy required for professional work. The shading hood can be used in both portrait and landscape orientations.

*Power‎*Power Supply (90~264 AC)‎Built in ‎Power Consumption (Power saving mode)‎0.7W‎Power Consumption (Off mode)‎0.5W‎Power Consumption (Base on Energy star )‎50W‎Voltage Rating‎96-240V‎
3D-LUT‎ Yes (14 bits 3D LUT)‎
AMA‎ Yes‎
Aspect Ratio 16:9‎
Black Level‎ Yes‎
Brightness (Typical)‎ 350‎
Card Reader‎ Yes‎
Certification‎Mac Compatible‎Yes‎Windows® 7 Compatible‎Yes‎Windows® 8 Compatible‎Yes‎Windows® 8.1 Compatible‎Yes‎Windows® 10 Compatible‎Yes‎Technicolor®‎Yes‎
Color Bit 10 bits‎
Color Display Clone‎Support OS: Windows OS required and only works under Calibration mode‎
Color Gamut‎ 100% Rec. 709/ sRGB, 99% AdobeRGB, DCI-P3‎‎
Color Temperature Sensor‎ Yes‎
Color Temperature‎ 5000°K / 6500°K/ 9300°K / User Mode‎
Colour Gray‎
Contrast ( typ. )‎ 1000:1‎
Delta E‎ ≦2 ( avg)‎
Dimensions & Weight‎Dimensions with Wall Mount (HxWxD mm) (w/o Base)‎448.15x747.2x72.12‎Net Weight (kg) (without stand)‎H:10 Pivot:10.3‎Net Weight (kg) (with shading hood)‎H: 14.2 Pivot:14.5‎Gross Weight (kg)‎20.3‎Height Adjustment (mm)‎150mm‎Dimensions(HxWxD mm) (with shading hood)‎663.65 x 759.4 x 340.53 (Pivot) 811.5.4 x 460.35 x 340.53‎Dimensions(HxWxD mm) (without shading hood)‎(High): 652.25x747.2x223.61 (Low): 502.25x747.2x223.61‎Dimensions with Wall Mount (HxWxD mm) (w/o Base) (with shading hood)‎448.15 x 759.4 x 257.89‎
Display Area(mm)‎ 697.92x392.58‎
Display Colors‎ 1.07B‎
Flicker-free Technology‎ Yes‎
Gamut Duo‎ Yes‎
Hardware Calibration‎ Yes‎
HDCP‎ 2.2‎
I/O‎USB‎3.0 ( 2* downstream , 1 * upstream), 2.0 x1 (only for Hotkey Puck)‎HDMI‎2.0 x1‎DP Input‎1.4x 1‎Mini DP Input‎1.4 x 1‎Headphone Jack‎Yes‎
K Locker Yes‎
OSD Controller / Hotkey Puck‎ Yes‎
OSD Language‎ 17 languages‎
Other Accessories‎ Shading hood, CD, QSG, Individual Calibration Report ,Hotkey Pucks‎
Palette Master Element‎Support OS: Win 7 32/64bit or above , Mac OS X 10.6.8 or aboveSupport Calibrator: X-Rtie i1 Display Pro / i1 Pro /i1 Pro 2 , Datacolor Spyder 4/5‎
Panel Type IPS‎
Pivot‎ 90‎
Pixel Pitch (mm)‎ 0.182‎
Refresh Rate 60Hz‎
Resolution(max.) 3840x2160‎
Response time 5ms (GtG)‎
Screen Size 31.5 Inch
Signal Cable‎ miniDP to DP calbe (1.8m) , HDMI cable (1.8m) , USB 3.0 cable (1.8m )‎
Swivel (left/right)‎ 45/45‎
Tilt (down/up)‎ -5/20‎
VESA Wall Mounting‎ Yes‎
Video Format Support‎ Yes‎
Viewing Angle (L/R;U/D) (CR>=10)‎ 178/178‎

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