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Ant Esports MP 300

Ant Esports MP 300
Ant Esports MP 300
Ant Esports MP 300
Ant Esports MP 300
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Ant Esports MP 300
Ant Esports MP 300
Ant Esports MP 300
Ant Esports MP 300
Ant Esports MP 300
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  • Stock: Out Of Stock
  • Model: Ant Esports Mp300
  • Weight: 1.50kg
  • Dimensions: 800.00mm x 300.00mm x 3.00mm
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ANT ESPORTS MP300 MOUSE PAD This mouse pad is large Extended enough to fit your mouse/keyboard and have room to move around without falling off the edge The silky smooth surface provides the optimal surface for gaming sensors and less resistance than other mouse pads, this design ensures the easiest mouse movements and best response times Our plush 3mm thick professional gaming mouse pad provides the most comfortable gaming and working experience you've ever had This mouse pad has a waterproof coating to prevent damage from spilled drinks or other accidents, heavy duty anti-slip rubber backing keeps it secure in one place, this pad won't slide around or drift on your desktop while you're using it This mouse pad is built to last and has quality stitching around its edges to ensure it doesn't fray or fall apart like other mouse pads and if you spill a drink or somehow get food on it you can simply toss it in the washing machineGive yourself plenty of mouse real estate and space to move with this oversized Ant Esports MP300 gaming mouse pad. You’ll love the comfort of the thick 3mm mouse pad, the accuracy of our professional grade smooth surface and the quality, durability and attention to detail that you won’t find on consumer-grade mouse pads. Standard 800 x 300 x 3mm thick - large Extended enough to fit your mouse. Silky smooth surface for less resistance. A waterproof coating on the mouse pad to prevent damage. A Plush 3mm is as thick as a standard mousepad. Quality stitching around the edges so it’s built to last. This pad stays in place and won’t slide around. We placed the logo in the top left corner and made it recessed. Keep the peanut butter, spilled drinks, your kids dirty paws and other messes at bay.



Available SizesLarge Extended
Dimensions800 mm x 300 mm x 3 mm
Stitched EdgesYes
RGB IlluminationNo
Durable & WashableYes
Warranty1 Year

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